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Running with Moe April 2

Runners by most accounts are contented people and have a positive view on life, as running is a very enjoyable form of exercise.  It feels good to get outside and put in a few miles, get a little perspiration flowing, get some sun, and get a chest full of fresh air to clean out the alveoli of the lungs.

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Opinion: Random Musings April 2

If nothing else, the coronavirus should leave little doubt as to how much time people spend on sports. One often hears people talk about their busy schedule when it comes to their sports lives and how they juggle everything. It is usually so ingrained in our normal schedules not much thought is given. Probably never thought of it as

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Opinion: Sports Random Musings

One of the more popular school activities in the past few years is robotics. Students have to program a robot into carrying out a specific task and the ones that accomplish the task the best are declared winners. That has been going on for many decades in sports, if you think about it. The athletes are the robots as the coaches try to program them so they will carry out their duties without...

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