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Dripping Life April 11

About six weeks ago, my neighbor was walking her dog – not a big dog – but big enough to pull you down if he saw something he wanted to chase…and that’s what happened. One minute they were walking along the main road of our subdivision, and the next minute, my neighbor was on the ground, in pain and calling her dog to come back...

Drippin’ Gardening, April 11

Every month has birthstones, and as we have been learning, each month has birth flowers as well. The question many of you have asked is, “How did this come to be?” After having been ask that question over a dozen times I decided that I really needed to do some research and what follows is what I have learned...

Running with Moe, April 11

This Sunday the Capital 10K is being run.  It is the largest 10K race in Texas and one of the largest in the United States.  For most runners this is more being part of an event then trying to run a time for a 10K.  I ran the first 12 races and only tried to run a fast time once.  It is almost impossible to...


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