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Dripping Gardening, Feb 21

I am jumping on the companion gardening bandwagon with both feet this year. I have experimented with companion planting in small ways in my gardens over the last several seasons and I am 100% convinced that the system is the way to go. The basic idea behind companion planting is as simple as it is sensible: many plants grow better...

Running with Moe, Feb 21

There is some disturbing news about a health issue the past few weeks.  It has been repeated now and then for the last decade, but it seems that the problem is getting worse.  The first news from the media was that 71% of people from 17 years to 24 years were unfit for military duty...

Dripping Life, Feb. 14

I’ve always considered Texas part of the Southern states. Not that I ever claimed to be a “Southern Belle,” but my college sorority was founded in Virginia, my ancestors came from Kentucky and I grew up loving songs like “Midnight Train to Georgia,” “Old Man River” and “Way Down Yonder in New Orleans.”

But not one time…not for Halloween, college parties or any other occasion did I or anyone...

Running with Moe, Feb. 14

I have mentioned the importance of knowing how to learn your pace in previous articles.  When you know how fast you are running you can adjust your pace in a race to reach your predicted time.  Problems start when you do not know how fast you are running and run too fast in the early miles of the race.  From experience I can tell you...

Dripping Gardening, Feb. 14

With Valentine’s Day occupying much of what is on people’s minds this month it should come as no big surprise that February is a big month for flowers. But, oddly enough, the red rose is not February’s birth month flower! The February birth month flowers are the violet and the primrose...


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