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Dripping Life May 9

The date was set: May 5, 1999…the day we would meet our first granddaughter. Needless to say, we arrived at the hospital shortly after our daughter’s labor was induced – around 8 a.m. – and then the excruciatingly unbearable wait began...

Dripping Gardening May 9

The delightful month of May is here and that means we get rain on our lawns and gardens! Sometimes more rain than we want at any one time but that is just part of living in central Texas. May is also the month when I really focus on my lawn. This month is a great time to do any filling, top dressing, dethatching, or aerification that might be needed...

Running with Moe May 9

There was an interesting article in the May issue of Nutrition Action.  The graphs and article compared the change in how people from ate from the year 1970 to the year 2016.   It is always interesting to compare the old with the new and see how the changes have affected the population.  The article did not give a very hopeful outlook for our health...


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