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Running with Moe, Mar. 7

This week the comic page had a Blondie (and Dagwood) strip that caught my attention.  Dagwood was showing two young boys some of his photos and things from a scrapbook he kept.  Comments from the boys were such that the memories and photos Dagwood was showing them were like “Are these real things?”  “Is that a picture of you climbing a tree?”  Dagwood told them about some of the activities he did as a kid. “We carried...

Drippin' Life, Feb. 28

About a year later, I received a call from a friend, saying she had rescued three kittens, just hours away of being destroyed at a shelter nearby without a no-kill policy. She was on her way to pick them up and if I would take one, she would give me the...

Running with Moe, Feb. 28

It seems that the last two weeks it has been “shoes are in the news”.  Looking back on my experiences with athletic shoes over the years it all started with the black, high-top, Converse, Chuck Taylor tennis shoe. That was the shoe that everyone used...

Dripping Life, Feb 21

In popular terms, “kicking the can” also has become a political term, where no solution is found for an identified problem and the problem is placed on a back burner until a later time.

Today’s politicians have become expert at kicking the can when it comes to addressing high school shootings. I have been thinking about...


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