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Capital Highlights November 14

AUSTIN — Voters rejected only one of 10 proposed amendments to the Texas Constitution in the statewide election held Nov. 5. The House and Senate, in the 86th Regular Session of the Texas Legislature that ended in May, approved the propositions for voters to decide. Results are as follows...

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Dripping Life November 14

Since when don’t the laws apply to every American? Maybe I’m one of the chosen…or just unlucky, but Highway 290 has become a classroom of how not to drive. I see it regularly. Driving on 290 even taps into my paranoia because I think some of these drivers are truly out to get me!

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Dripping Gardening November 14

Around this time of year, I feel like it is both my duty and my pleasure to write a missive on quince. Do you know about the quince? It’s a fall fringe fruit that is delightfully fragrant and deserves a comeback. Quince is a tough fruit, not well known, and often hard to come by. But it has the most amazing sweet and secret surprise reward. It grows in a manner quite like apples and pears — but its similarities end there. 

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Running with Moe November 14

Last Sunday (11-3-19) there were two programs on television that I enjoyed watching.  The first was the New York City Marathon and the second was the Formula 1 races at the Circuit of Americas in Austin.  And as an added attraction the NYC Marathon had a shortened showing of the race after the Formula 1 race. ​​​​​​​

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