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Capital Highlights September 19

AUSTIN — Gov. Greg Abbott on Sept. 12 released the Texas Safety Action Report, a document that details what Texas and Texans are doing to prevent mass shootings.

The report elaborates on executive orders Abbott issued a week earlier to coordinate state and local expertise and resources and "identify any shortcomings in our current systems and explore ways to prevent these horrific tragedies from taking place." 

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Dripping Life September 19

Since I first visited Dripping Springs, back in the ‘80s, the little community has blossomed into a bustling suburb. There are services, eateries, coffee bistros, even a multi-screen movie house. So, what else do we need? Let me begin with this: As a kid, we all preferred playing in the Holdridge’s backyard. Why? Because they were the only kids on the block with a seesaw and a jungle gym and a bridge of bars we learned to walk on, hand over hand.

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Drippin Gardening September 19

What are you planting for the fall? Broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage and carrots? Me too. But I am also planting many other things like snow peas and my favorite snack – radishes. If you have only ever planted these wonderful veggies in the spring garden you are really missing the boat, because fall and winter radishes are the most flavorful of all. So, let me recommend you grow radishes this year. But not just those little round red ones, those are great but there is a world of radishes to explore...

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Running with Moe September 19

I was cleaning out a desk drawer this week and came across an old calculator I hadn’t tossed out. This was a different type of calculator than the one on your iPhone.  This one does calculations in minutes and seconds instead of whole numbers. It is used for a timing system in road races that use an “age graded system” or “performance level percentage” instead of the usual age group categories that most races use today...

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