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Dripping' Life, Mar 14

In a community like Dripping Springs, growth, progress, special events, new buildings and new ideas can’t happen without hours of work by elected officials, business leaders, volunteer boards and their leaders, committees, non-profit organizations, educators and educational leaders, clergy or legions of dedicated volunteers. 

On a smaller scale, navigating the process of...

Drippin' Gardening, Mar 14

Time to get the spring garden in the ground! Though some of us started early, Mother Nature, as she so often does, tossed a late freeze our way and many local gardens suffered pretty badly. If that happened to your garden, fear not, it is the perfect time to...

Running with Moe, Mar 14

 I watched the Tokyo Marathon last week.  Two things make this difficult to watch for the majority of sports viewers.  One is that watching a marathon has been likened to watching grass grow, or watching paint dry, as for over two hours all you see are legs moving back and forth.  The second problem is...

Drippin' Life, Mar 7

In my travels, I meet or hear about people who have interesting stories. Cloyde Cyris Pinson, Sr., is one such story. 

Cloyde Sr.’s son, Privat First Class Cloyde C. Pinson, Jr., was killed May 12, 1967, during the Vietnam War. War records tell us he...

Dripping Gardening Mar 7

We had a freeze! But that is central Texas weather for you - one day you’ll be enjoying a sunny afternoon out on your patio. The next you’re bundled back up in a winter coat doing all you can to avoid the outdoors altogether. While the fluctuating temperatures don’t do much more than simply annoy us, they can wreak havoc on the garden and that will cause most gardeners some stress! I


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