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Dripping Life April 2

...But not all Texans have been so fortunate through the years, which brings me to the little-known story of the 1846 cholera epidemic and a man named Black Peter.

In Victoria, our neighbors in the Coastal Bend, during the year the local post office was established, the town fell victim to a tragic cholera epidemic suffered many deaths.

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Dripping Gardening April 2

The headline in a small pamphlet released by the National War Garden Commission in 1919 simply read, “Small things count!” In April of 1917 the US had entered World War I and there were real fears of major food shortages both at home and on the frontlines. And though the illustrations were incredibly cute, the wording was serious...

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Running with Moe April 2

Runners by most accounts are contented people and have a positive view on life, as running is a very enjoyable form of exercise.  It feels good to get outside and put in a few miles, get a little perspiration flowing, get some sun, and get a chest full of fresh air to clean out the alveoli of the lungs.

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