Good Year for Dripping Springs Sports


Good Athletic Year


Volleyball: Lady Tigers won the outright championship and made another run before falling in the quarterfinals.


It was a very productive year for Dripping Springs sports. Many cheered the new district alignment and most certainly there are elements of it that provided the opportunity to have more success. However, in my opinion, I believe we have the quality in our athletic programs that we would have probably fared just as well in the old district. As has been noted before, reaching the top spot in the new district was not going to be any easier than the old one. The advantage in the new one was that one did not have to have a battle on their hands each week to get the needed wins to reach the playoff level of competition. Basically you got to start in the middle and work your way up. Probably the most important aspect was the level playing field of equal enrollment numbers. Of the 20 sports, Dripping Springs had five champions during the 2016-17 year. No reason to believe they will not improve on that in 2017-18. Below is a summary of the year.

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