Dripping Springsl approves Darden Hill storage facility


Council approves Darden Hill storage facility

A group of residents attended the meeting holding up their protest signs against the Jenkins Corporation development. CENTURY NEWS PHOTO BY JOHN PACHECO


City Council approved a site permit for Darden Hill storage facility being built by the Jenkins Corporation at 9900 Darden Hill Road at its January 9 meeting.

Rim Rock residents were present at the meeting to protest the development, and seven people spoke at the meeting against the facility, citing concerns with hill country aesthetics, increased traffic, and the lack of an environmental study.

“This storage facility is not going to fit in, and doesn’t help with the goal of keeping the hill country scenic,” Rim Rock resident Rhonda Kramer said at the meeting. “Why do we even need it with so many other storage facilities in the area?”

Other Rim Rock residents, Scott Clark and Shannon Rizzo, expressed concerns that an environmental impact study had not been done, and Rizzo hinted that there might be endangered species living on the land being developed.

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