Dripping Springs Community Partnership (DSCMP)


DSCMP and United Methodists call for volunteers


"DSUMC Pastor Jesus needs some minor renovations to his home. He’s done so much for the Drip community. Here’s our chance to help him."- Dripping Springs Community Mission Partnership website PHOTO COURTESY OF DSCMP


The Dripping Springs Community Mission Partnership (DSCMP) and the Dripping Springs  (DSUMC) United Methodist Church are calling out for volunteers to implement some needed repairs for the home of Pastor Jesus Antonio Samano, a young Mexican pastor connected with DSUMC, on June 24 and 25.

The work planned includes: applying sealant to the roof to stop leaks, install flashing and caulks around windows, addition of window mounted 2 air conditioning units, the digging of a small trench to bury electrical wiring, the building of a covered porch, and exterior painting of the home.

“All skill levels are needed. We also need a volunteer to buy and bring drinks and lunch for our volunteers on both days,” Robin Robinson of DSCMP said.

The work will take place at 174 Darter Lane in Dripping, and work will commence at 8:30 a.m.


DSCMPs "Shack to Home” complete


Before and After photos.  In the after photo, DSCMP Board Members Robin Robinson and Lynn Osler stand in front of the new home.


The Dripping Springs Community Mission Partnership (DSCMP) has done a lot for those in need of assistance. They have provided housing for those living in deplorable conditions, such as children living in a camper, seniors living in mold infested housing or a senior living outdoors.

“In the last seven years and in the past seven years have helped over a dozen families,” board member and volunteer Robin Robinson of the DSCMP said. They complete what they start and move onto the next project. “Helping others is in the DNA of the organization.”


A home where there is none: Dripping Springs Community Mission Partnership


Amber Christy Jones and her son Greyson and daughter Riley taking a break from painting the inside of our Shack to Home Project.


Imagine the hardship of a single mom with two high school ages sons, no job, and no place to live; a very bleak picture.  But thanks to the Dripping Springs Community Partnership (DSCMP), she and her sons not only lives with a local family who has taken them in, but the same family has also donated the use of a small shack, connected to electric and septic, on their property for single mom’s family use.

The single mom and her sons were getting away from a domestic abuse situation. 

Travelling to a strange place and only being able to find day-to-day jobs was disheartening. 

Finally she and the United Methodist Church connected with the DSCMP and help was on the way. Formed in 2010, the DSCMP are individuals and organizations that want to help others in the Dripping Springs Independent School District’s boundaries. Most of the churches in the Dripping Springs area are part of DSCMP, as are many local businesses and individuals.

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