Compass Church Dripping Springs


Church of the Springs and Compass Church become one

Associate Pastor Ken Edwards and Lead Pastor Brent Batson of Church of the Springs. CENTURY NEWS PHOTO BY JOHN PACHECO


There’s a saying that two heads are better than one, and if that’s true, why not two churches? On June 25th  of this year, Church of the Springs and Compass Church merged and became one.

For Church of the Springs Lead Pastor Brent Batson, and Compass Church Pastor Ken Edwards, the combining of the two churches was a better way to fulfill their church objectives and mission. “The phrase that we keep saying is that ‘we’re better together than separate.’”, Edwards said.

“It has  been a prayer of ours for about three years,” Batson said.  “We did a sermon series on building community within our people—the idea that we do life better when we do it with someone, as opposed to being alone and isolated.  What we realized was that ,as a church, we were not doing corporately what we were asking people to do individually.”

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