Caroline Welton American Heritage Girl


Music for nursing home residents

Caroline Welton next to her piano. “She is a piano player and loves music,” Caroline’s mother says. PHOTO COURTESY OF AMY JEANNE WELTON.

As an American Heritage Girl (AHG), Caroline Welton has a mission.

She wants to initiate a new program, “Music and Memory,” at the Johnson City LBJ Nursing Home by providing 20 nursing home with a personalized playlist on an iPod, which contains music “that speaks to them.” The idea being that music has beneficial properties for people who suffer from memory issues, and can also help alleviate isolation.

The project involves interviewing 20 of the nursing home residents who are non-responsive and creating individual playlists of music on iPods for each of them. The playlists on the iPods will consist of music that was popular when the nursing home residents were in their 20s. Once donated, the iPods will be maintained by the nursing home and used for future residents as well.

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