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Sports Opinion: Random Musings April 23

Well the inevitable has happened and the dangled carrot has been taken away. The final hope of salvaging any part of the high school spring sports season was dashed when the Governor declared that all schools would be closed for the remainder of the school year. The UIL had no choice but to cancel any thought of restarting. The next question will be when or if the sports programs will be allowed to begin the new school year.

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Sports Opinion: Random Musings

As we continue down the coronavirus trail and head toward the destination on the other side, the next question will be what will the new normal look like? Over the years of our lifetimes and past history there have been many changes due to things beyond our control that cause us to change direction. Sometimes for the good and sometimes for the less than better. Here are some of my thoughts about what might be coming down the pike.

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Running with Moe April 9

Here it is. We are in the first few weeks of spring and instead of enjoying the spring weather everyone is told to stay home because of the virus. Runners and walkers can still get their mileage in and get a little stress relief; but then the heavy rains arrived in the first part of April and even those short excursions were limited.

There’s something people who live in colder weather are familiar with—it’s called “cabin fever. It comes from being indoors because of cold and snow for weeks – and sometimes, months. Well cabin fever has seemed to have spread to the rest of the country now. The cure for this stress related illness, not surprisingly, is to be active.

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Sports Opinion: Random Musings April 9

In reading and listening to interviews, it seems many of the coaches are worried about how much time they will have to do off-season workouts before they can have a season. For those fifty years old or older, like myself, a chuckle always comes out because we have a different outlook on that question. Especially, if you came from a smaller school district. My high school days and coaching career did not include much in the way of a formal off-season or preseason for that matter. Where today's sports are year round for one sport, we had year round sports with no time between.

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