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Running with Moe May 20

Runners are often known to be obsessive about their pulse rate.  For a runner the pulse rate is used for two things.  The one that a runner will tell you about is that the pulse rate is used as a measure of the difficulty of a training run.  The one not mentioned is used as an ego booster. The average resting pulse rate of a man is 72 beats per minute, for a woman the average resting pulse rate is 80 beats per minute...

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Sports Opinion: Random musings May 21

There is hardly a decade in the history of DS sports that changes did not take place. The 60's proved to be much the same with some triumphs and lows. It was a time when the district began to grow in enrollment. Ranches were beginning to sell. Lake Travis was in the early stages of development. It was a time when the UIL reclassification process had a two-year lag time and allowed a growing team to jump into the middle of a classification before having to play up. Like most small schools, it was seldom that you could put together...

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Sports Opinion: Random Musings May 14

Like the previous two decades of school and sports history for Dripping Springs, the 1950's went through some major changes. In addition, the sports world at DS, like almost any small school, had some major ups and downs. The early years of the decade included some major decisions. The first was school designation. Entering the decade, the...

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