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District 26-5A Baseball All-District Results

District champion, Kerrville Tivy, was left just on the outside when they dropped a pair of games in the Regional finals to prevent them from making it to the state tourney. The district again had strong play by all their representatives. Below is the All-District team as selected by the district coaches.

Special awards: MVP: Lance Ford, Tivy Sr. Newcomer of the Year: Ericson Meier, Boerne Champion Jr.; Garrett Leggitt, Medina Valley Jr. First Team: Pitchers: Grant Gaspard, DS Sr., Chris Weber, BC Sr., Jeremy Thompson, BC, Sr.; Hunter Grimes, Tivy Sr. First Base: Brade Delgado, Tivy Jr. Second Base: Ramiro Cervera, BC Jr. Third Base: Raine Uecker, BC Jr. Shortstop: Michael Gresham, BC Jr. Catcher: Travis White, Tivy Fr.; Brandon Burgess, Seguin Sr.; Justin Taylor, DS Sr. Outfielders: Jordan Thompson, BC Sr.;Luke Boyers, BC Soph.; Reed Beverly, DS Sr.; Brittan Howeth, DS Sr.; Cole Modgling, MV Jr.; Milan Walla, Tivy Sr. Designated Hitter: Richard Fulghum, MV Sr.; Brayden Wieding, Seg Jr. Utility: John Hoyle, DS Sr.

Second Team: Pitchers: Michael Hernandez, Seg Soph; Nathan Sheppard, Seg Sr.; Logan Harson, Lockhart Soph; Nick Gullo, DS Jr.; Devon McCluskey, MV Sr. First Base: Isaac Martinez, Lock Sr. Second Base: Cole Steubing, MV Sr. Third Base: Cole Miears, Tivy Soph. Shortstop: Cole Crosby, Alamo Heights Soph. Catchers: Konner Beavers, BC Jr.; Jacob Essenburgh, MV Sr.; Cole Mixon, Tivy Soph. Outfielders: Homero Guerrero, MV Sr.; TJ Stephenson, Marble Falls Sr.; Nathan Koch, DS Jr.; Jimi Silva, Lock Sr.; Jose Viveros, Tivy Sr.; Hayden Haas, Seg Jr. Designated Hitter: Nico Ramirez, DS Jr. Utility: Walter Evans, AH Jr.

DS Honorable Mention: Nathan Gullo, Sr. Pitcher; Arthur Yowell, Sr. Pitcher; Pete D’Alessandro, Sr 3B; Justin Dunlap, Sr 2B.

DS player stats: Grant Gaspard: 50IP, 39H, 11W, 51K, 1.40ERA, 6-2 record, 3 shutouts, 1 perfect game. 271BA (13-48) 13RBI, 6D, 1T, 8SB. Justin Taylor: 311BA (23-74), 10R, 14RBI, 4D, 1T, 2HR. Reed Beverly: 327BA (34-104), 17R, 23RBI, 4D, 1T, 3HR, 11SB. Brittan Howeth: 311BA (23-74), 23R, 21RBI, 9D, 11SB, 11HBP. John Hoyle: 337BA (33-98), 24R, 17RBI, 2D, 1T, 13SB. 32.2IP, 21H, 13W, 42K, .87ERA, 4-1 record, 1 shutout. Nick Gullo: 33IP, 25H, 17W, 51K, 2.12ERA, 3-1 record, 2 shutouts, 1 save. Nathan Koch: 342BA (13-38), 11R, 11RBI, 2D, 3T. Nico Ramirez: 352BA (25-71), 10R, 16RBI, 4D, 1T.

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