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What is it like to be a criminal law judge?

Judge Chuck Miller of Dripping Springs spoke about life as a criminal court judge during the October meeting of the North Hays Republican Group.  

Miller is a board-certified criminal law specialist and a Texas Senior Appellate Judge.  He served on the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals – the highest criminal court in Texas, co-equal with the Texas Supreme Court - for two terms.  He was most recently in the news in May, after presiding over the Austin trial of a man convicted of sexually abusing his stepdaughter; Miller added 20 years to the life sentence returned by the jury.

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Dreams of singing again become real

There’s something about the human spirit. It never stops dreaming. For Ledgestone resident Linda Stone, that dream is singing.

“I wanted to do, what I used to do,” Stone said. And what did she use to do? In a word, sing. As a teacher who taught military families, her career took her all around the world- beginning in Okinawa in the 1960s and ending in England—and where she traveled, she sang.

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Thundering Paws finds forever homes for cats

If you go into Tomlinson’s Feed store in Belterra Village on Thursday nights, you’ll see a room to your left, where a few little girls are reading to two small cats. That is exactly the kind of activity that Thundering Paws, the non-profit that houses the cats at Tomlinson’s, wants to encourage. Thundering Paws, founded in 2001, is a non-profit grounded in the belief that all animals should have a sanctuary and a safe place, no matter their background. 

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