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Running with Moe, Feb. 7

The marathon season has about six more weeks before the summer 5K and 10K races start to fill the weekends. The runners that compete in marathons will need a few weeks to rest up after that last marathon before trying for a fast 5K.  After running long runs of 20 miles for training runs for the marathons the legs are tired.  The hard part of this is that runners don’t realize how...

Dripping Life, Feb. 7

As I may have mentioned, I was a “Polio Pioneer” in 1954, shortly after a polio epidemic had raged through West Texas and across the country. Being a “Pioneer” meant my parents gave permission for me to join my second-grade classmates for a bus ride to the local health department for a “polio shot.” As luck would have it, my last name...

Running with Moe, Jan. 31

The weather forecasters keep talking about the “roller coaster temperatures” here in Texas.  You also recall hearing that if you don’t like the weather, just wait a minute and it will change.  One story I heard this week is that


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