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Teresa Carbajal Rave behind the coffee bar.

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Of course the world has changed in the last decade or so. Freelancers for every type of job can work at home or really anywhere for that matter. Fighting the traffic jams at all hours is one of the big reasons people work from home, saving nerves, time, and sanity.

But, there are times where a meeting place or a seminar must be scheduled and a home can be inappropriate for the business or social at hand. That is where can come into play.

Sententia Vera on U.S. 290, where Sunset Canyon Pottery was located, is a business to meet the needs of this growing segment of the population. This can be your local office to meet clients, a conference boardroom, a training classroom, an event space, a dedicated desk, and much more including translation services.

The brainchild of Teresa Carbajal Ravet, a freelancer herself for 16 years, she spent four years in California and saw how in Silicon Valley, where this type of arrangement came in handy.

“Work spaces like this were prevalent, where space was limited. In the same building people share spaces, the freelancers and indies, sharing the expense of an office space,” Teresa said.

“Back in 2016 I decided that something should change to grow my audience. Having a home office is convenient and flexible but it doesn’t get me out in the community,” she said.

The space also has a coffee lounge. “It was a natural fit combining shared office space with a coffee lounge.” They had the ribbon cutting last July. Since that time they have won the 2018 Star Award’s Up and Coming Business. 

“It’s been growing, the news is spreading, and people keep coming in. There’s steady growth,” Teresa said. “There are six working spaces like this in the metro area. Some groups meet here weekly and others monthly, catching up on industry.

Bilingual translation and independent booksellers also have a space. Local authors have had their book signings here and some authors drop off their books so people can get acquainted with their works.

It is also a place where artist meet and paint away from home and meet other like-minded artists. “On Thursday morning at 9 a.m., local knitters gather here working on their own project as a social aspect,” Teresa said. “Get out of alone space but doing it in the community.”

The building is something to brag about also, as it is a straw bale structure with stucco, the first in the area. “It was green before green became popular.” Sententia Vera also has electronic equipment, projection TVs, for conferences. Rental of space can be a one-time thing, just a quiet place to bring your backpack and work or a whole seminar for 50 or so. It is there for your needs.

“There is energy in the community and a creative base. My work is to sustain that,” Teresa said. “There is jewelry, pottery and hand blown glass here on consignment.”

Along with books, translating services and community meeting spaces

Also as a community event, Dripping Springs’ First Thursday event will be hosted at Sententia with unplugged music on May3. “Bring your favorite board game, and get unplugged.” Aggies on 42 play dominoes, and unplugged musicians will provide the music, a good way to free yourself of electronic gizmos.

Sententia Vera is a great place to socialize, work, or just read a book, with great local coffee from Greater Good. Stop in and see what it offers. 

For more information see the website at: sententiavera.com


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