Mercer Street Dance Hall is moving out

Gay and Nicholas Dotin and their daughter Shelby Dotin. PHOTO COURTESY OF NICHOLAS DOTIN

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A Dripping Springs fixture, Mercer Street Dance Hall, will be moving to a new location on May 11, as a result of a rent disagreement.

“The new landlords wanted to quadruple the rent. They felt the property was undervalued, and that we were not paying enough rent,” Nicholas Dotin, who co-owns the venue with his wife Shelby, said. “We’ve been waging this battle for the past four years, so we always knew this was a possibility, but we just didn’t think the day would come so quick.” 

“When I first rented the property, I knew I was renting a building that had stood empty for 20 years or so. The late H.C. Carter, who owned the property at the time, was thrilled to finally see it being used.  We were hopeful to reach an agreement with the latest heir, but unfortunately we couldn’t,” Dotin said.

Dotin said they will move completely after their last show on May 6. “Our last shows will be on May 4, 5, and 6; and we’re having a fundraiser on the 6, with doors opening at 1 p.m. Our musical acts on that final day will be Bob Apples, David Lee, Finger Pistol, The Hill Country Ramblers, and Bobby Mack. They have all donated their time to help us out,” Dotin said.

The fundraising is to help the Dotins build a building at their new location that will be approximately three miles south of Dripping Springs, and eight miles north of Wimberley. “Until we get the new building up, we’re going to be ‘dirt bar,’ or weather permitting bar. We’ll have a vintage airstream trailer serving as our bar, and we’ll place a taco trailer next to it, with picnic tables,” Dotin said.

He hopes to break ground on the new building by July first, and hopes to open the new dance hall by December of this year. Dotin has opened up a gofundme page, and has received donations totaling $9,430. His goal is raise $250,000.

“I’ve had plumbers and electricians tell me they’ll donate their trade to the building of the new dance hall, and I’ve been touched by how supportive many people have been. It really shows how much we are loved by the community.” Dotin said.

He also gives kudos to the City of Dripping Springs for being supportive of his business for the time that he was on Mercer Street. “They [the city] were very supportive during all of this, but in the end, there was very little they could do as they were not the owners of the property,” Dotin said.

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