Visitors Bureau forms Board of Directors

(From left to right) The Dripping Springs Visitors Bureau board was recently elected with vested tourism professionals including Kim Hanks, Secretary Mary McRoberts, David Fralic, staff member and CEO/President Pam Owens, Doyle Fellers, Treasurer Bonnie Humphrey and President Nate Pruitt. PHOTO COURTESY OF VISITORS BUREAU

Alyssa Weinstein


The Dripping Springs Visitors Bureau, the independent non-profit 501(c)3 organization, has recently formed a new Board of Directors to help further advance their mission of tourism in Dripping Springs.

“Our role is to make Dripping Springs a major tourist destination. Our task is to provide those who travel through Dripping Springs a reason to stop, shop, and stay in our city. We want Dripping Springs to be known as more than ‘Gateway to the Hill Country’—it is a destination,” Pam Owens, CEO/President of the Visitors Bureau said.

With the new Board of Directors, this will be the third component of the Bureau in addition to its tourism advising committee and staff that support the non-profit.

“These are people who have a vested interest in travel and tourism in our area, they all either own a business or they’re an officer in a business or they’ve had previous history with the tourism business and are guiding us in a direction to build tourism in our area,” Owens said.

The new Board of Directors currently has six members that all strive to promote tourism in the community. However with only six members, the board is still actively seeking more members as they can have up to nine total.

“The purpose of the new board is to govern – they’re responsible for the direction of the organization. The board also determines policy, visionary focus and fiduciary procedures,” Owens said.

The Board of Directors and the Tourism Advisory Committee will meet monthly.

“The Tourism Advisory Committee is different from the board. The committee includes 14 members from the lodging, food, venue, entertainment, historical and art, alcohol and a representative from the public, the chamber of commerce and the city. They will be leaders on committees for events, community and government relations, strategic alliances and marketing,” Owens said.

For the future of the Visitors Bureau and of tourism in Dripping Springs, the Bureau is taking steps to accommodate and encourage visitors to stay in Dripping Springs and explore what the community has to offer.

Some of the steps the Visitors Bureau has taken to do this include their interactive website that has the events of Dripping Springs, a planner tool that helps organize your visit, and some pre-planned trails too.

The Bureau has also created an app called Destination Dripping Springs and the organization is active on social media including Facebook and Instagram.

“We want to develop a cohesive message that promotes Dripping Springs as a place to have a wedding, stay for the weekend, have weekday conferences and attract leisure travelers to our community,” Owens said.

For more information, visit the Visitors Bureau website at

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