One more time, with feeling, high school orchestra conductor

Jerrie Crockett in front of the Akins High School Orchestra. CENTURY NEWS PHOTOS BY JOHN PACHECO

John Pacheco


It was an orchestra, she loves music, and she got to conduct again.

Retiree Jerrie Crockett got to conduct the Akins High School Orchestra as part a “Miracle Moment,” set up by her friend Michelle Hernandez at Ledgestone Senior Living, on March 8.

“I’ve know that Jerrie has a had love of music all her live, and I heard on the radio about how the Akins High School Choir and Orchestra were trying to raise funds for a trip to California,” Hernandez said. “Then it clicked. Why not invite the Akins High School Orchestra and Choir to Ledgestone for a fundraiser, and ask if they would let Jerrie conduct?”

Hernandez called Paul Crockett, the Akins High School Director of Orchestra, and he readily agreed that it was great idea, and a date was set. (Paul Crockett is no relation to Jerrie Crockett.)

Before retirement, Jerrie Crockett was a church orchestra conductor for over 45 years. As a girl she began playing the trumpet; and she went on to found and develop a sixty-piece orchestra at the 1st Baptist Church in Guthrie Oklahoma. Music has always been a very important part of her life.

“I think all these young people here tonight—are just great,” Jerrie Crockett said just before the event.

The evening’s concert was a success in multiple ways. The audience heard a great selection of music ranging from Mozart to Welsh folk songs; Jerrie got to conduct again, and the Akins High School Orchestra and Choir raised $2,160 for their trip. “It was a win all around,” Ledgestone Outreach Director Debra Maddox said. “There is a GoFundMe still open, so maybe we can raise even more!”

“The Akins Choir, Orchestra, Guitar, and Piano are traveling to Los Angeles to perform at the University of Southern California for some of the best educators in their fields. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for our low-income students,” Paul Crockett said. “We were very happy to be invited to perform here tonight.”

To donate for Akins Orchestra trip, visit Their current goal is to raise $20,000.

Just as the Akins Orchestra made a “Miracle Moment” for Jerrie Crockett, maybe we can through our contributions, make a “Miracle Moment” for the young people of Akins High School.


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