Avera announces candidacy for JP Court

The Kyle Sisters put together Avera’s political kick-off for JP 4. Bodie Hudson, Robert Avera, Frances Ann Fosick, and Mary Margaret Dement. CENTURY NEWS PHOTO BY JOHN PACHECO

John Pacheco


Attorney Robert Avera kicked off his campaign for Precinct 4 Justice of the Peace on Sunday September 17 at Hudson’s on Mercer.

The Kyle Sisters— Mary Margaret Dement, Frances Ann Fosick, and Bodie Hudson—put together the event, and the festivities were MC’d by Brandt Whisenant. Several musical acts took to the Hudson stage during the political rally.

“I support Robert [Avera] because I know him. I’ve known him since we were kids. I think we need an attorney in the position, someone who knows the community. I like the values he represents,” Whisenant said.

“Robert is also extensively involved in the community. He supports a lot of our youth organizations, he serves in the ESD 6 [Hays County Emergency Services District No. 6- North Hays County Fire/Rescue], is heavily involved with non-profits, does a lot of pro-bono work as an elder of the Presbyterian Church, and serves as general counsel for DSYSA [Dripping Springs Youth Sports Association],” Whisenant said.

Kyle Sister’s Mary Margaret Dement said, “We want to see the court continue with the values it currently has, and that’s why we’re supporting Robert [Avera].”

When taking the stage, Avera thanked his wife and supporters. “. I want to thank my wife Angie; she supports me in all that I do. I want to thank Chad and Natasha Hudson for opening up their place for this event. I want to thank the Kyle Sisters for supporting me. Especially Mary Margaret, she basically just grabbed me and said come on this is what we’re doing. So I want to thank Mary Margaret and the rest of the Kyle Sisters,” Avera said.

He also spoke of his reasons for running. “Why am I running? I want to serve you. I come from a background of service. My dad was veteran and my mom was in the Peace Corps. And after high school here in Dripping I was wondering what to do next, and I got the idea of joining AmeriCorps, which is a service organization. I found my purpose in AmeriCorps. I started helping other people and it felt great. Then I was a firefighter for 7 years in Colorado. I fought fires all over the western United States; but my heart remained here in Dripping Springs. I could not shake it. This is my favorite place on earth,” Avery said.

“So I left Colorado, went to law school at Baylor, then I came back here to Dripping Springs and have been practicing law here for 8 years—and I’ve always wanted to serve as justice of the peace. Now that Judge Kyle is stepping down after his long tenure of service, I want to continue the service that he has done. I want to continue to help people resolve their issues, help litigants resolve controversies, in the best way possible. As a lawyer, I’ve been with litigants in court. I know what that’s like. I know it’s very stressful. As a lawyer I’ve handled clients through litigation. As a judge I want to bring that same compassion to litigants. I know it’s the most stressful time for people when they come before the court. A lot of people in the justice court may not have an attorney with them in court—I understand that and I want to show them compassion, but as an attorney, with my education and my experience, I feel that I am the most able candidate to apply the law to the facts, to uphold the constitution, and to make sure that justice is done in court,” Avera said.

When asked by the Century News what he would bring to elected office, Avera responded, “As I say in my campaign material, I will continue the integrity of the office and use my experience and education to uphold the Constitution of the United States. My experiences as a firefighter, lawyer, and community leader will enable me to apply the law impartially, applying the facts, and allowing justice to prevail in the courtroom. I also think that bringing the quality of compassion to the inquests of those that have lost loved ones is important. I plan on being a full time JP, and will give up my law practice if elected.”

Avera gave his political party affiliation as Republican. The event was catered by Bert’s BBQ.

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