Vet Group makes Christmas Brighter

From left to right: Country Western Singer Clifton Janski CW Singer, CTRH Board Member Lisa Shine, Sister of MSG Bob Horrigan, CTRH Board Member Stu Hoyt, CTRH President Jim Clements, CTRH Board Member Robert Hites, CTRH Board Member Michael Harthcock, and John Horrigan-Twin brother to MSG Bob Horrigan. PHOTO COURTESY OF CTRH

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This holiday season, Central Texas Returning Heroes (CTRH) is aiming to make Christmas a little brighter for some Central Texas veterans and their families.

CTRH is a veteran’s advocacy organization, and non-profit, that provides assistance to Texas Veterans, first-responders, and their families. This year, CTRH is partnering with the Patrick Henry Texas Sons of the American Revolution (SAR), the Andrew Carruthers Daughters of the American Revolution, and HEB, to sponsor 4 or 5 local area Veteran Families.

“We will be adopting a few families. But we also provide assistance for all veterans in financial need, and assistance with Christmas gifts,” James Clements, President of both local chapter of the SAR, and CTRH.

“One recipient was a 12 and a half year USAF veteran. She was taking care of five grandchildren and needed help at Christmas. There were a lot of gifts for the kids,” Clements said. “This is for any vet that needs it. We do our due diligence so the vet will be treated with honor.”

Another vet broke her jaw in a freak accident. All the medical insurance she had was through the VA, but no dental insurance. Her jaw was already swollen and infected. A few phone calls were made and a San Marcos dentist did it at cost, which the CTRH paid for. “You do what’s needed in desperate straights. You do what you can and give them a step up,” Clements said.

Likewise, giving just-returned veterans and their family a place to recuperate from wounds is high on CTRH’s list. CTRH donates heavily to the Returning Heroes Home Fund, which in turn funds the Warrior and Family Support Center at Brooks Army Medical Center in San Antonio.

“A strong desire to support the family center at Brooks Army Medical Center was actually the initial catalyst that got CTRH started,” Clements said.

CTRH also supports older veterans by financially sponsoring Honor Flights for WWII and Korean War veterans, and sending them to Washington, D.C. to tour the WWII, Korean War and Viet Nam Memorials.

The CTRH’s biggest fundraiser is its Annual Central Texas Returning Heroes MSG Bob Horrigan Memorial Golf Tournament, which takes place November. “The fund raiser also doubles as a celebration event, making sure that both veterans and first responders know that they are appreciated and that someone has their back.,” Clements said.

About CTRH

The CTRH Mission Statement is, “To support Texas Veterans and First Responders vetted for assistance in the form of financial aid and /or locating agencies and organizations in providing individuals with follow-up assistance. To partner with Texas Veteran organizations in event planning, to help generate funds, in the support of our mutual operations. To increase public awareness of Veteran’s health, economic, and social issues resulting from past and present wars and conflicts. Our non-profit 501c3 organization crosses all political, economic and social lines including military and emergency organizations providing help to our veterans and first responders.”

Its board is comprised of: President James R. Clements, VP & Treasurer Michael Harthcock, Secretary Mike Wilmore, Lisa Shine, Lieutenant Colonel Robert Hites, John Pacheco, and Stu Hoyt.

For More in information please see the following websites: (Central Texas Returning Heroes), (Sons of the American Revolution) and (Daughters of the American Revolution)

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