Football All-District Selections

Carl Waits


There is an old saying “To the victor goes the spoils” and this usually goes with the selection of all-district squads. Many times it does not go this way because of politics or team is strong as a unit and not due to athletic ability. However, there was no doubt the Dripping Springs Tigers were the best team and had the best athletes and their dominance in the selections was expected or would have been an injustice. As a result, the Tigers placed 22 individuals on the two teams. However, my pet peeve remains as 109 players were selected, which, to me, waters down the honor. I like a true team and let the chips fall where they may.

The special awards are given to the best players at their position but they are not listed in the teams selected. The District 26-5A MVP was certainly a “no-brainer”. The unanimous choice was Tiger QB, Trevor Greenman. He rushed for 926 yards on 147 carries and 10 TD's. He passed for 2862 (150-243) and 36 TD's. Offensive MVP: Davis Brin (Boerne Champion). Defensive Co-MVP: DS LB Beau Collins (92 unassists, 80 assts, 1 fumble recovery); David Denais (Kerrville). Offensive Lineman MVP: Alex El Sariakoussy (DS). Defensive Lineman MVP: Taylor Posey (BC). Offensive Newcomer: Aaron Proctor (Alamo Heights). Defensive Newcomer: Grant Snider (Medina Valley).

First Team Offense: (*) unanimous choice.

QB: Reed Anderson (AH).

RB: Jake Cox* (DS) 129-969 Rushing (7.5 ave), 12 TD's.

Hutster Saunders* (Kerr); Daequan Ellison* (Lockhart); Cayton Chang* (MV).

TE: Keith Mitchhart (DS) 34-547, 3 TD's; Mason Holland (BC).

WR: John Hoyle* (DS) 46-887, 13 TD's; Nik Procter* (AH); Curtis Raymond (DS) 37-680, 11 TD's; Hayden Haas (Seguin); Keithan Perez (Kerr).

OL: Dylan Smith* (DS); Ruben Exum (Kerr); Jacob Webster-Jones (AH); Dylan Starnes (BC); Kory Dabbs (BC); Lantz Milam (DS).

C: Jake Williamson (DS); Spencer Payne (MV).

Utility Offensive Player: Trapper Pannell* (Kerr).

Kicker: Jared Zirkel* (Kerr).

Second Team Offense:

QB: Karson Valverde (Kerr); Andrew Stripling (Marble Falls).

RB: Nick DeLos Santos (BC); Devin Johnson (MV); Macrae Sherron (Kerr).

TE: Jack Seger (AH); Aaron Sotello (MV); Joe John Colurciello (LH).

WR: Parker Alford (DS) 25-673, 8 TD's; Konner Beavers (BC); Josh Vela (Kerr); Keegan Deering (MF); Chase Locke (BC); Will Hoffman (AH).

OL: Jeremiah Aguirre (Kerr); Harley Ullrich (Seg); Chris Morse (AH); Dylan Carroll (MV); TJ Brown (Kerr); Chance Haley (MF).

C: Peyton Dougherty (BC).

Utility: Steele Perry (MV).

K: Juan Ocampo (LH).

First Team Defense:

DL: Matthew Hemphill (DS) 14-14 tackles, 2 FR; Michael Garcia (Kerr); Cory Collingsworth (BC); Joel Davila (Kerr); Zion Petty (LH); Alcadio Lopez (MV).

DE: Ricardo Montoya* (DS) 22-12, 2 FR; Brady Jenschke* (Kerr); Logan Schnautz* (LH); Logan Haby* (MV); Patrick Dean (BC).

ILB: Miles Farris* (DS) 55-52, 2 FR, 1 int; Maki Carabin* (AH); Jackson Pickett* (BC); Jacob Essenburgh (MV); Garrett Luensmann (Seg).

OLB: Matthew O'Neal* (DS) 21-21; Trent Mott* (Kerr); Gage Oefinger* (BC); Tanner Prewit (DS) 37-17, 1 int.

DB: Luke Boyers* (BC); Josh Embry (DS) 53-27, 1 int; Brittan Howeth (DS) 54-24, 6 int; Logan Brown (Lock); Trevion Godley (AH); Nathaniel Seibert (Kerr); Ryland Kinard (DS) 20-9, 3 int.

Utility: Daetron Ellison (Lock).

Punter: Cade Pollard (BC).

Special Teams: Jacob Berkley (Seg).

Second Team Defense:

DL: Kevin Perrydore (DS) 9-11; Diego Saenz (Kerr); Josh Whitecotton (MF); Kenne Davis (Seg).

DE: Isaac Santos (MV); Chance Brewster (Seg); Lake Schara (BC); Curtis Gunn (AH).

ILB: James Huff (Kerr); Derek Foster (BC); Cody Nelson (AH); Zach Fearn (MF); Jacob Gonzales (Lock).

OLB: Haden Dahl (DS) 28-15, 1 int; Eddie Tucar (Lock); Cole Modgling (MV); Kyle Kolbe (Seg).

DB: Reed Beverly (DS) 18-5, 2 int; Brock Billeiter (Kerr); Cole Steubing (MV); Brandon Palomares (Seg); Justin Allen (BC); Dante Henry (MV).

Utility: Deryn Taylor (Seg).

Punter: Andy Johnson (DS) 17-35.2.

Special Team: Bryce Murphy (MF).


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