Scene for the movie “Stronger” filmed near Dripping

Prepping to shoot a movie scene, Director Robin Murray applies fake blood on an actor to simulate a war injury

Bonnie Gonzalez, Editor
Stronger, an independent movie about the struggles of PTSD, was scheduled to film a war flashback scene in Dripping Springs on April 15. Plans changed however thanks to Mother Nature.
With all the recent rain, it was too wet, so the filming location was moved to a ranch on Circle Drive.
This location was more dry and not as green so as to mimic the terrain of the middle east.
“It’s about a person who’s returning from Afghanistan and this was his final tour after a twenty year career in the military and he was injured during it and his driver was killed as well, so he’s dealing with the injury and PTSD and retirement all at the same time,” Screen Writer and Director Robin Murray said.
The character then discovers he needs help. Murray said they want to show people the process in getting help. According to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, eight percent of the country’s population suffers from PTSD.
“A lot of time people will associate [PTSD] with the military,” She said.
However through their research she found that a large percentage of those who have PTSD are women who have been abused. First responders can also suffer from PTSD.
“We have all those people represented in our film,” Murray said.
“This has been a learning process for all of our team, none of us are military, that’s why we have military advisors that have been in the military.”
Toby Nunn is one of those advisors. He has done multiple tours in numerous places.
“This is a project that is really dear to me. I know the effect it’s going to have. It’s going to bridge that gap and its really..It’s a story of victory versus victimhood and really a positive dialogue and narrative,” He said.
Stronger is produced by Reflective Life Ministries, based in Magnolia, Texas. It’s Founder Carla McDougal, is the Executive Producer.
“We are working with distributors right now so we are going to have premiers and prescreening. Our goal is to have it randomly in different cities across the country in theaters,” McDougal said.
Their goal is to have the movie come out in February. They are also working in conjunction with the a variety of organizations coast-to-coast to let veterans and first responders struggling with PTSD know there is hope and there is help. 
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